Winston Churchill once said “I have taken more from brandy than brandy has taken from me”.

And when it comes to mixing classic cocktails, St Agnes brandy has a lot to give. A few classic cocktails tell you everything you need to know about the possibilities of brandy. Alexander . Between the Sheets. Collins. Corpse Reviver. French 68. Julep . Metropolitan. Sazerac. Sidecar. Sour. Straight. Mixing a classic brandy cocktail is a ceremony too. The art of the cocktail is about having, as the French would say, your ‘mise en place’. Elegance in the making leads to elegance in the tasting.

St Agnes French 68

This is a true case of ‘Making cocktails, not war’ the ’68 was a favourite of the French military during World War I.
St Agnes MaidensPrayer

The Maidens Prayer

The Sidecar’s more provocative cousin, this prohibition favourite adds the extra wink- wink nudge-nudge of light rum.
St Agnes Sangria

St Agnes Sangria

Try this fantastic Sangria recipe at your next party or gathering. Fantastic on a hot Summers day with family and friends.

St Agnes Sazerac

Proof that ‘new” doesn’t always equal better. Commonly seen as a whiskey drink the original Sazerac was made using brandy.
St Agnes The Angove

St Agnes The Angove

This special cocktail was created by Seb Costello from Bad Frankie in Melbourne. A perfect winter drink to enjoy with friends.
St Agnes Crusta

St Agnes Crusta

Originally emerging in the 1850s in the French Quarter, New Orleans, this was one of the first cocktails to use citrus, creating the first sours.
St Agnes Lychee Passionfruit

Lychee & Passion Fruit Ritz

A tasty tropical blend of lemon, lychee and guava juice shaken with brandy and ice. Just as good as an exotic holiday!
St Agnes Sidecar

The Sidecar

Possibly the finest cocktail to come out of Prohibition. The luminous, golden-straw color, the perfectly controlled sweetness.

Apricot Sidecar

Add a touch of freshness and summer to this traditional brandy cocktail to really get the party started as the sun goes down.