In 1886, leaving his home of Camborne Cornwall, Dr William Angove set off for distant shores with determination and dreams of adventure. From humble beginnings he created a reputation for ingenuity and excellence, a legacy that has echoed across the ages. Created by the fifth generation of Australia’s oldest distilling family, Camborne Single Malt Australian Whisky represents over one hundred years of shared experience and craftsmanship.

A truly authentic Australian spirit of distinction.

Camborne Single Malt Australian Whisky by The St Agnes Distillery specialises in carefully selected Single Cask Whisky.

The St Agnes Distillery is one of Australia’s oldest, continuously run, family owned and operated craft distilleries. With over 110 years of experience practising the fine art of distillation through our historic Copper Pot stills we demand uncompromising quality while nurturing the individual character of our spirit.

Since 1886, our winery and distillery’s reputation has been built on producing high quality apera, grand and rare tawny, wine and brandy. This heritage has resulted in an extensive and diverse oak reserve that is unrivalled across Australia.

Our Whisky Base

Camborne Single Malt Australian Whisky is crafted using Australian super premium barley, malted at one of South Australia’s oldest and best-known family-owned breweries. Following fermentation, the base is double distilled through our historic copper pot stills.

Our Copper Pot Stills

Camborne Single Malt Australian Whisky is distilled through the original Copper Pot Stills installed at the St Agnes Distillery in 1911. Made by H. Jennings of Adelaide, these copper pot stills are a true piece of South Australian distilling heritage and history. Their structure, shape and history help define a complex and pure whisky spirit with intense aromas and flavours.

Our Oak

Oak maturation is the most important piece of the whisky making puzzle, contributing colour, flavour, texture and complexity. With a history of making apera, tawny, wine and brandy, and relationships with wineries and distilleries around the world, we have access to an amazing range of super premium second fill casks. This extensive oak resource ensures an inimitable spirit.


Over 100 years, five generations, six master distillers, Camborne Single Malt Whisky has been carefully crafted to reflect the history of our distillery and to honour the founder of our business and is distilled through the original Copper Pot Stills installed at the St Agnes Distillery in 1911. Time and patience in allowing the distillation to happen in an unhurried fashion are keys to our quality.

Our Style

Each of our whiskies have individual character underpinned by our house style which is classically South Australian – Rich, full and stylish, smooth and long.

Brandy Cask Aged

Colour: Pale gold

Entry: Vanilla and crème caramel with a faint wisp of cedar shavings, opening up into layered caramel malt and Anzac biscuit (oatmeal cookie?).

Finish: Pear tarte tatin, ginger spice, lightly roasted nuts, tobacco and a hint of smoke. Oak tannins firm the palate for a dry and pleasant finish.

Sherry Cask Aged

Colour: Orange gold

Entry: Plenty of aromatic spice on entry – Szechuan pepper, fenugreek, nutmeg leading into treacle and dates. Slight hint of very old oak.

Finish: Candied dark roasted nuts and bitter chocolate. Drying oak tannins mid-palate easing into a slightly sweet honey cake finish.

Tawny Cask Aged

Colour: Medium amber

Entry: Abundant rancio flavours – Golden raisin fruit cake, maple syrup, almond praline. Subtle notes of cocoa and dusty oak close out the nose.

Finish: Juicy muscatels, caramel malt, milk chocolate, almond praline. Maturation in Grand and Rare Tawny casks have given a rich silky finish.

Shiraz Cask Aged

Colour: Light orange.

Entry: Strawberry and vanilla ice-cream sundae, followed up with a hint of lightly roasted nuts and caramel malt.

Finish: Juicy cherry pie, liquorice and Rhum Agricole complexed with a whisp of bacon and smoke. Wine and oak tannins meld together for a seamless mouthfeel and mellow drying finish.

Bourbon Cask Aged

Colour: Mid Gold.

Entry: Light malt, vanilla and roasted Brazil nuts. Cacao nibs and toasted oak close out the nose.

Finish: Cigar box, spice and further vanilla. The oak tannins are mellow allowing for a smooth finish. The use of heavy toast ex Bourbon barrels has given a finish with great length