Try our spin on a number of delicious cocktail mixes, all created using our unique and elegant Blind Tiger Organic Gins.

Blind Tiger Organic Gin is distilled in small batches and is a complex, yet elegant and aromatic gin made from the finest certified organic botanicals… perfect for mixing.


A delightful cocktail combining organic gin with a hint of lime and mint and subtle sweetness of sugar syrup.


A classic gin cocktail thats origins date back to the turn of the century.


A cocktail with layers of flavour – sweet, tart, rich and bold. Served over plenty of crushed ice.

Red Snapper

Love a good Bloody Mary to get you going? You will love this savoury cocktail.

Tiger Lily

Cool down with this classic gin and citrus drink.

Mandarin Gin and Tonic

A twist of mandarin in the classic simple cocktail.

Midday Martini

Love a good Midday Martini to get you going?

Sour Puss

Try our Blind Tiger Organic Gin with a citrus twist!

Shiraz Gin and Tonic

A twist on the simple Gin and Tonic using our Organic Shiraz Gin!